Palm Coast Beach Club
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ITT Levitt, later ITT CDC Pledged a public 'Palm Coast Beach Club' with Features  and a 150 ( became 132 Rooms)  Room public Palm Coast Motel Beachside on acres and acres of Palm Coast Oceanside for all of  us Palm Coasters.
The First public 'Palm Coast Beach Club' with Features  became the clubhouse for the Hammock Dunes Community of Palm Coast. Later the Palm Coast Beachside 132 Room Motel became a public "Resort Complex' called the Sheraton Palm Coast Resort. An upgraded NEW Palm Coast Beach Club,  a.k.a.  Sunsport Palm Coast BeachClub, a.k.a. The Lodge is off of  16th  Road from A1A. It was overlooking 5 Miles of  " Palm Coast Beaches "...People were flown in and stayed Beachside  on the five miles of Palm Coast Beaches.  The Slogan...'...Our Palm Coast Beaches are covered with Shells, not people..'.  made  many a Sale.
For more information about our Pledged Amenities see:  in the HEADER  'Our Beginnings'.  Thank you.

Initial Offering Pledges and Promises by ITT Levit
Initial Offering Pledges and Promised by ITT Levitt showing the location of them all.

Here are some examples of the Developer Pledged Palm Coast Beach Club,  and the 132 Room public Palm Coast Motel, later and a.k.a. The Palm Coast Resort that we once had oceanside.
Article above comes from ITT Levitt Advertising, from a Newspaper Collage Grouping making ONE Ad. 
Ad reads:
PALM COAST - The illustration above delineates the more than 100,000 acre tract acquired or controlled by ITT Levitt Development Corp for its Palm Coast project in Flagler County. Arrow point to the first 20,000 acre section  west of the Intracoastal Waterway selected for early development. I-95 and U.S. 1 traverse the heart of Palm Coast and future plans not shown call for an interchange with the interstate highway near the St. Joe Rd. Land use sketch at right shows
 major development features pledged by ITT Levitt for Palm Coast.
They include a Golf Course, Yacht Club, conservation and park areas and sites for schools and shopping. An      Oceanfront Motel    is indicated but sites earmarked for multifamily housing and supporting commercial areas and street patterns were not depicted . Br. Norman Young, ITT Levitt president and the prime mover in the development of Palm Coast told civic and business leaders and media representatives last week that every possible effort will be made to preserve the natural environment and avoid pollution of all kinds.
Highlights of Article:
In Response to a query Young made it clear that ITT Levitt will not be prepared to build homes in Palm Coast for general sale witin the next two years nor will it be able to offer fully improved lots for others to build on during that time. 
Young emphasized that ITT Levitt efforts will be directed toward installment land sales to persons seeking a site on which to build a retirement or vacation home. when Palm Coast is fully improved with roads, water sewers and other utilities and amenities.
The "lead time' period will be utilized by the developer to build a 150 unit oceanside motel, a golf course, yacht club and other recreational and environmental facilities, and an information center.
From:  ITT Levitt AD  2531.
Please Note the location of the Beach Club, the 150 unit Beach Motel pledged by ITT Levitt. It is labelled on the extreme middle right of the above Presentation.
Note the Golf Course Area; there are no  Hi Rise/Hi Density Puds there within the center core of the Golf Course. 


(Below is the Beach Club on A1A that ITT Levitt, the Developer Pledged )
"Get Lost" at the Sheraton Palm Coast resort Inn If you are traveling to Florida to get lost for awhile there are two great ways to Get Lost at the Sheraton Palm Coast Resort Inn located on the Atlantic Ocean beach about 28 miles north of Daytona Beach on the scenic oceanside highway, State Road A1A. The hotel is offering two package vacation plans for those seeking a way to get lost. One way to get lost is called the Honeymooners' Paradise the other is the Golfers Weekend. Either adds up to four days and three nights.
The Sheraton Palm Coast Resort Inn is built in the Old Spanish Missionstyle, with coquina rocks and nestled in acres of green , rolling lawn sprinkled with subtropical trees and shrubs with access to five miles of beautiful beach. Each airconditioned guest room has double beds and color television. Honeymooners are guaranteed a room with an ocean view.
The ocean is just a few steps away. Also close by is the Intracoastal Waterway, which offers good fishing, boating, and waterskiing. On the Inn grounds, there is a large free form swimming pool surrounded by sundecks. Close by are two tennis courts which will soon be lighted for night play.  
   Just a short ride by   boat   is an 18 hole championship golf course, the Palm Coast Golf Club.  ( using the 'Boat to Golf' Dock at the Golf Course)
The Golfers' package includes unlimited play at the Palm Coast Golf Club, an electric cart, a gift package of golf balls and a complimentary bucket of practice range balls daily at the Pro Shop. At the Inn, the cuisine is superb in the Coquina Room or Cafe del Mar. The newly completed Beachcomber Bar, located beside the pool, offers the finest in mixed drinks and sandwiches. Dancing and nightly entertainment are popular in the newly decorated Jon-kanoo Lounge. For a slightly different atmosphere the visitor can also eat at the
Palm Coast Yacht Club across the Intracoastal Waterway.
Sightseeing is a must at nearby historic St. Augustine and Marineland, and Daytona Beach, is just a shosrt drive for shoppping or touring. For the young at heart, Walt Disney World is approximately 98 miles away.*
The Palm Coaster, Summer 1978, pp. 10-11.
Pls. Note Above:   Statement how the  Palm Harbor Golf Course 'Boat to Golf ' Dock was inextricably intertwined and interwoven in the Advertising and Sales Promotions.

The Sheraton Beach Club / Motel we once had, now Demolished.

The Front Entrance of the Palm Coast Motel we once had.

An Aerial View of the Palm Coast Beach Club and five miles of Beach we once had

The Beach Club - Sheraton advertising in The Palm Coaster Winter 1988

Palm Coast, Florida - If you're not among the lucky 11,000 or so who live here all the time, you can still enjoy the Palm Coast life for a week or two or more, at vacation resorts among Florida's finest.
Seeing is believing, so we shall let pictures do most of the talking.
A pelican's view of a people's paradise...the Palm Coast beach, and new beach club, a place in the sun for vacationers and residents.
The Sheraton Palm Coast Resort and Palm Coast Marina...early evening.
The Harbor Club vacation ownership resort...Villas surrounding Oak Tree Island.
You've seen the photographs. Now see the real thing. For Harbor Club sales information---vacations for a lifetime--contact your nearest Palm Coast sales office or call toll-free 1.900.874.1828 and ask for the Harbor Club at extension 870.
To reserve your waterfront room at the Sheraton, call 904. 445.3000 and ask for the Harbor Club at extension 870.
Palm Coast property owners can arrange for a holiday through area sales offices
The PalmCoaster , Winter 1988, pp. 10-11.

Pledged amenity Palm Coast Beach Club upgraded
This is an early picture of our pledged amenity with features of the upgraded Palm Coast Beach Club

Acres and acres of Palm Coast Oceanside
Our ITT Levitt Pledged Amenities overlooking 5 miles of 'Palm Coast Beaches'.

Our Public Palm Coast Beach Club a.k.a. SunSport
Our Public Pledged Amenity for everyone: 'The Palm Coast Beach Club' with pool -8 Acres on the Beach

Above is a map showing our Pledged Amenity that we paid for:  Our Palm Coast Beach Club with Oceanview Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts on 8 Acres of Palm Coast Community Lands directly on the Beach...OVERLOOKING   FIVE miles of Palm Coasts' Beaches !  For a small annual Membership fee everyone in Palm Coast could enjoy our Palm Coast Beach Club a.k.a.  'The Sunsport Beach Club'.

ITT Levitt Advertising Front Page Edit Picture

Upper and Lower Right Quadrant from Top to Bottom Reads:
Orlando Sentinel
'Tis a Privilege to Live in Central Florida
Preservers Applaud Palm Coast
By Peggy Poor
Sentinel Staff
Dramatically changing the damaged image of usually damned developers, ITT Levitt Corp., now buildling Palm Coast, the country's largest housing project in Flagler County, is winning kudos instead of kicks from conservationists.
More than that, with long-range environmental planning and careful study by staff
ecologists, the mammoth venture may not only set an example for future would be despoilers but come up with some urgently sought answers to pollution problems.
For Example, ITT Levitt scientists are investigating why St. Johns and Flagler County shellfish harvests had to be prohibited because of contaminated waters. The hope s to reverse conditions that required the ban, if possible.
Preliminary findings indicate sewage dumped principal culprit, according to Dr. Stanley Dea, the firm's chief ecologist.
Therefore, in order not to aggravate th situation, ITT Levitt is making a detailed engineering analysis of sewage disposal possibilities to come up with designs new for Florida, and cheaper, Dr. Dea said.
Because Florida's flat terrain and high ground water level have made gravity systems costly, developers have tended to use septic tanks. But septic systems have become a serious factor in the pollution picture.
America's biggest conglomerate, therefore, is exploring feasibility of pressure and vacuum systems which may be tried for the first time in the Florida venture.
Meanwhile, in the first section now under construction, 20,000 acres of the total of 100,000, sewage will get secondary treatment, prior to storage in a polising lagoon, providing tertiary treatment. Effluent thus purified but still nutrient rich will be used to irrigate an 18 Hole golf course.
Sewage Studies
This recycling, by an adaptation of nature's own system, is a relatively new concept in sewage disposal developed at Pennsylvania State University and now in use in several California communities and in one near Tallahassee.
Much of the polution and "mrder' of streams, and lakes, such as Apopka, is the result of eutrophication or over-enrichment by nutrients, which are not removed by treatment plants.
As most plants discharge into some body of water, pollution results. If , however, the treated effluent is sprayed on vegetation, as was demonstrated at Penn State and is planned for Palm Coast, it irrigates and fertilizes crops and even raises the ground water table. The vegetation absorbs the nutrients that would eventually destroy streams, lakes, and estuaries.
Using Willows
Palm Coast ecologists plan to plant Florida vegetation and particularly high absorption qualities, such as willows.
Engineers have devised a mechanical apparatus which can fit in a residential size and style bulding, so the neighborhood view will not be spoiled by an unsightly treatment plant. A chemical has been developed that eradicates the odor, according to Dick Beidl, Palm Coast public affairs officer.
The University of Florida's famed coastal engineering department, whose $1 million facilities are now considered unexcelled in the United States, is advising how best to lay out the system of canals for waterfront property so that tidal action will keep them flushed clean, Beidl said.
A brief flurry of local fears that the big dredge churning inland from the Intracoastal Waterway channel to scoop out a yacht basin would increase turbidity in the estuaries has been set at rest.
Dike Employed
Although the dredge is operating in a man made cut not subject to provisions of the Randall Act, ITT Levitt will still 'plug' the opening into the Intracoastal with a dike until its earth stirring digging is completed and settled.
"It's the cleanest operation I've seen. No problems", said Larry Shanks, of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission at Vero Beach, who inspected the site last week.
The Operation is pumping the material removed by a 1 1/4 mile pipe line that crosses the waterway and runs under highway A1A.
With a 1100 housepower booster pump the excavated sand is being hoisted up and down over this uneven course to fill a depression just behind the sand dunes which rim the ocean shore.
The hole will be filled to a height of about 20 feet above sea-level about even with the dunes; and this will be the site of a motel, probably to be operated by Sheraton, another ITT subsidiary.
Dunes Retained
Shands had nothng but praise also for this beachfront plan which contemplates leaving the natural dunes as a stabliizer against erosion.
Palm Coast experts are also studying the whys and wherefores of erosion and exploring preventative treatment, according to Dea.
Palm Coast has also handed its brain trust the choking problem of weed eradication, he said.
At the display site, where six model homes and four story office building with viewing tower are under construction, bulldozers wove an intricate path around trees marked for salvation instead of knocking everything down.
This more costly method has won approval of forestry officials, and Palm Coast expects it to pay off in long-run appeal of attractive landscaping to prospective purchasers.
Space Advantage
In the master land use plan, thousands of acres will be presserved in the natural state, Dea said.
Additionally, there will be parks and artificial ribbon lakes, Studies are being made to ascertain optimum factors for maintaining maximum sport fish populations in these.
Palm Coast's planning advantage, Beidl said, lies in having control of the entire 100,000 acres. To get this vast land area in focus, it can be compared with the area of all five boroghs of Greater New York City, for example, which cover only about half that territory, or with the city of Detroit which spreads over about 88,000 acres.
Projection is for an ultimate population here of only about 750,000 as compared with New York's 11.5 million and Detroit's four million.
An area comparison closer to home is with the Disney's 27,000 acres.
Strict Zoning
The assure adherence to this careful planning. Dr. Dea said is a model zoning and building code is being formulates, which will not merely meet, but 'exceed' in stringency all federal state, and local regulations, including those necessary to control air, water, solid waste, radiation, noise, and vibration pollution.
This will cover not just major regulations affecting industries which might be attracted to the area, but also folksy questions such as when and even whether residences may have trash incinerators in their back yards.
Even one possible future doubt raised apparently will be resolved in favor of conservation, according to Harold 'Burrows, and engineer on the project.
Line Questioned
Question arose at a recent country commisiioners meeting about a bulkhead line
for Longs Creek, which branching off the Matanzas River, meanders through the tract a few miles north of the first 'Five Year Plan' development now under construction.
some 3,000 to 9,000 on the creek, are submerged public lands under control of the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund.
Burrows conceeded that prior to recent legislative action, this would have beenn 'prime development property'.But under present law 'we will sit down with the Department of Natural Resources and do what they tell us we can."
AD 2531
A planned community by the ITT Levitt Development Corporation
A subsidiary of Levitt and Sons, incorporated/ A Worldwide Service of ITT
Please tell me more about Palm Coast.
My Major interest is (check one).
Vacation Retirement Investment
Remember: Palm Coast is a planned community by the ITT Levitt Developoment Corporation, a subsidiary of Levitt and Sons, Incorporated/A Worldwide Service of ITT
Two renowned names assure you that Palm Coast will offer a better place, a better life, a better way.
Upper Left Quadrant reads:
Palm Coast,
A planned community by the ITT Levitt Development Corporation A subsidiary of Levitt and Sons. Incorporated/A Worldwide Servise of ITT
by the ITT Levitt Development is making headlines across the country...
Palm Coast is 28 miles South of St. Augustine and 24 miles North of Daytona Beach.
Scale of Miles - 1 inch-0 miles 55 miles 110 miles Scale: One inch equals 110 miles.
the information contained in this brochure is general to the eastern coast of the United States area. The property offered for sale at Palm Coast may or may not be affected by the conditions described herein.
Lower Left Quadrant reads:
Palm Coast
A planned community by the ITT Levitt Development Corporation
A subsidiary of Levitt and Sons Incorporated/ A Worldwide Service of ITT
ITT Levitt Development Corporation

Our Palm Coast Beaches are covered with Shells....
Oceanfront off A1A - Sheraton Palm Coast Beach Resort

We will remain Stewards of all this Information hoping for a 'Certified Local Government' like so many other Florida Leadership Cities already are. We're hoping for a Museum like Flagler Beach already has.