The Welcome Center

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This is the Welcome Center that Prospective Buyers visited.  To our knowledge, it was / will be Country Club Place, Cambridge Court and Cypress Court; so 'designated and recorded' .   To our knowledge this will be single family residences since the areas for single family and Multi Family were also ' designated and recorded'.  We had to sign the Land use statement which we were told was recorded also.
We have seen a few parts of the 'AGREEMENT' that ITT Levitt  ITT had with the F.T.C. but not seen it in its entirity.  Perhaps those working on their Doctorates or those doing research can find and review the 'Agreement' in its totality; it was about 1976 - Complaint In the Matter of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, et. al. Consent Order, ETC., in Regard to alleged violaton of the Federal Trade Commission Act. Docket C-2854, Complaint, Dec. 10, 1976 - Decision December 10, 19076  with the F.T.C.


The picture above and those below are what the Welcome Center looked like.



Behind the Welcome Center was a park-like setting.
As an aside, this park like setting  was used for the First Annual Palm Coast Spring Festival.  For this, it was turned into an art and fashion center with artists displaying their work, while fashion models showed off the newest in ladies fashions. In between fashion shows various musical groups performed with music ranging from jazz to marching bands. The first Annual Palm Coast Spring Festival occurred on May 15th, 1978.
Other activites for this Festival included a week long tennis match, a scramble tournament, backgammon and chess tounraments , Italian-American Fiesta, Skateboard championships, the four mile foot race, and the Great Palm Coast Bicycle Race, the first Palm Coast International Bathtub-Boat Race, and a thirty minute Firework extravaganza closed out all these events.
(The Palm Coaster, 1978)


As Visitors entered the Welcome Center Tower Area they crossed this wooden pedestrian Bridge. To the left of it was one of two 'Waterfalls' which generated great sound and cooling 'mist' especially 'welcoming'  for the Potential Buyers and Visitors on a hot Florida Summer Day.
Great Business Acumen.

Our very first Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts near our Beautiful 64' Welcome Center Tower Pledged Amenity/ Improvement.


A 2008  view of the wooden Walkway Bridge showing  its true full length.


Palm Coast Welcome Center in relation to Clubhouse Drive today - 2008.


Above is the short Entrance Drive to the Welcome Center Parking Lot Area directly off of Clubhouse Drive.  Note the Two Rows of Palm Trees which bordered the Parking Area.  The left row of Palms was where the Path to the Welcome Center was located. There was a fork in the Path, the left going down a  cement Path walkway to the Sea Wall at the base of the Clubhouse Drive Bridge; the right side of the Path at the Fork lead directly to the Walkway Bridge to the Welcome Center. 
Directly in back  of the right hand side of the Row of Palm Trees were where the First Models were being offered. 
Later, the Developer changed Models. Once they were replaced yet again, some were moved to other sections of Palm Coast. Two exist on Flint Hill Lane.

welcomectrdocksteps.jpg the left side of the Welcome Center were these Dock steps for the Boat Shuttles...

Advertising / Promotion MAP showing the Components
of the "GUIDED TOUR" offered by 'The Company'.

This is a later Map similar to the ones which were passed out at the Gatehouse and also the "Exhibit Area' Model Homes to all the "Prospective Buyers'.
This advertising / promotional MAP showed all the 'COMPONENTS' of Palm Coast.  This way, the prospective buyer, wanting to for example, retire in XX number of years, and who wanted their retirement home , for example,  be on a Golf Course...they could select the 'Location' of the  Mantanzas Golf Course to coincide with their Retirement Date.  This Component showed LOCATIONS...of in this instance Golf Courses...those existing and those 'PROPOSED'.  Even tho' the official 'Guided Tour' offered by 'The Company' could not go by that or every  Golf Course,  since Palm Coast was always in a 'Build Out', the Prospective Buyers were shown one in existance via a 'Guided Tour' by 'The Company'. This helped Prospective Buyers PLAN for their present and future needs.
...and great business acumen too!
A Map, similar to this, but EXTREMELY LARGE, was displayed inside the Welcome Center for all to see and get their perspective of where their specific LOT was located.
( Obtain the Property Report requred by Federal Law and read it before signing anything. No Federal Agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property. Since land values are uncertain, you should consult a professional before purchasing.
This offer not valid where prohibited by law. The canals vary in width from 60 - 125 feet. Depending upon meterological conditions ( high and low tides) the depth is approximately eight feet at the center. Membership rates and fees for recreational facilities are available upon request. Each purchaser should check the exact location of the property being offered him in relation to the Welcome Center. AD-18724.
A statement and offering statement have been filed with the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, Bureau of Subdivided Land Sales Control. The filing does not constitute approval of the sale or lease or offer for sale or lease or in any way pass upon the merits of such offering by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, Bureau of Subdivided Land Sales Control. A copy of the offering statement is available, upon request, from ITT Community Development Corporation. NJA-125-0482 FL.
Palm Coast Section 37 is not registered for sale in Illinois. IL-82-208.
Recreational facilities are approximately 8-12 miles from the registered Michigan Property. MI-82-226.
A statement and offering statement have been filed with the Secretary of the State of the Stare of New York. The filing does not constitute approval of the sale or lease or offer for sale or lease by the Secretary of State or that the Secretary of State has in any way passed upon the merits of such offering. A copy of the offering statement is available, upon request from ITT Community Development Corporation. NYA-82-180
PC 884-982R-25M.
ITT Community Development Corporation, Executive Offices, Palm Coast, Florida 32051
Palm Coast is a registered servicemark of ITT Community Development Corporation


The Prospective Buyer could view  the AV promos, peruse the hard copy handouts and advertising,  and  take all the Van and Boat Tours. If they 'purchased'  they received this Folder - Purchase Agreement, Palm Coast. It would contain some of the items in the jpegs below.
The Purchase Agreement Folder reads:
Palm Coast Purchase Agreement ITTCommunity Development Corporation a subsidiary of the International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation, Palm Coast. Palm Coast ITT Community Deveopment Corporaton 28 West Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33130 Telephone 305 358 3300 AD 2284A - PCS 1098.


If you purchased a Home you received this Survey Sheet.
It reads:
Clark Lane, ( R.O.W.) 50')


Please Note:   Note the 'Sections' of Palm Coast and how they relate to the 'Sections' within  the Florida Public Offering Statements.
If you planned on purchasing a Homesite you received this Completion Dates Per Section Sheet. It indicated the areas and the year they would be available.  The Salesperson would clearly and with detail review this with you, make explanations if necessary, directed you to the large wall map within the Welcome Center to identify your purchase with you and its specific location. Then you were taken up the Elevator and the Salesman directed your line of sight to your location. You could then clearly see the Topography and your general area in relation to the other areas of Palm Coast.  It was truly a well oiled machine of Sales - excellent Business Acumen.   If that wasn't clear enough the Salesman printed up yet another sheet with finer details as in the jpeg below.
This sheet indicated the specific section of your purchase or anticipated purchase listing both the Section and the Completion Dates. ( Right hand side of sheet ).
The left hand side stated the price, size and completion dates of you purchase. ( Min down $ 160. @ 7.5 % Interest,  10% down @ 7.0% Interest, 20% down @ 6.5 % Interest. ( Subject to Change )
80' x 120' Standard Lots.

NOTE; Labelled Items on the Completion Date Sheet
NOTE; Location of Clubhouse, Exhibit Area and Yacht Club


You also received this detailed sheet showing by Section of Palm Coast and the Improvement Completion Sheet Date. You choice was outlined, again explained its location in relation to the total Community. 
If there seemed to be signs of confusion for the Buyer; the Salesperson again showed you the very Large Wall Map, indicated your location on your littler Map, again took you up the Elevator to explain the Topography and general Location and proximity to other Palm Coast Section, and explained the smaller sheets to you. After all, they wanted YOUR Purchase!
Pledged Amenities and Improvements included   'Reserved Parcels' for future schools, etc., but also for '  Green Enclaves' to give and ensure to maintain  Palm Coast a density of '....2.7 per acre...less than that of Beverly Hills...' as quoted in 'An Approach to a New City: Palm Coast'.
Again, very well oiled machiner for Sales.
Section Sheet prepared by :


If you were a sincere and genuine Purchaser you received Palm Coast Restrictive Covenants and Easements.
Top portion of it reads:
Palm Coast Restrictive Covenants and Easements, Declaration made this _____day of _____, 19_____, by ITT LEVITT DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, a Delaware Corporation, hereinafter called the "Company.". etc


If you were a sincere and geniune buyer you signed and received this Homesite Purchase Agreement. The top reads:
It came from:
ITT Levitt Development Corp.
28 West Flagler St.
Miami, Florida 33130

We will continue to remain  the Stewards of all the above and other materials; hoping for a Museum.